The Rules

Our list of complete and official rules are as follows:

   1.      If a pokemon faints, it is dead, and must be released
a.      Starters are permaboxed 
   2.      Only the first pokemon on a route may be caught
a.      Shiny Clause
   3.      All caught pokemon must be named.
a.      All pokemon must be differently named.
                                                              i.      Dead pokemon’s names may not be used.
   4.      Legendaries may not be used.
   5.      A game is considered “Locked” until the elite four is defeated, at which point it shall be considered “Unlocked”
a.      Heart Gold and Soul Silver must defeat Red
   6.      Locked games may only trade +/- 3 levels with other Locked games, and these must be used through the     game. Unlocked games may trade freely to other Unlocked games.
   7.      Unlocked games are exempt from Rule 2.
   8.      Only one copy of a game can be used to complete the challenge.
   9.      Time may not be altered and must start at the real time (MST).
   10.  Gender of the player must be opposite to the real person’s gender.
a.      This excludes grandfathered games.
   11.  Feebas must be obtained by fishing in D/P/Pl.
a.      Feebas will be hacked into Emerald only after it has been obtained this way.
   12.  Spiritomb must be obtained via underground.
   13.  Fossil pokemon must be obtained via fossils.
   14.  Drifloon must be obtained via once every Friday.
   15.  Vespiquen must be obtained via honey tree female combee.
   16.  Mythicals will be preloaded, but will be obtained legitimately.
                         a. Mew will be obtained during the challenge via Pokemon Ranch
   17.  Players may add in their own special rules if they choose.
   18.  Teamwork is always awesome.
   19.  A blog will be kept of awesomeness from all participants detailing important fights, deaths, and catches.

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