Friday, February 15, 2013

Introduction of the Awesomeness

-Sam "Searn" "Lynette"-

Hey, all, so I guess this will be the first blog post on here. Anyway, as you might have been able to tell, this will be the first introductory post. Most of my posts/updates will happen either weekly or bimonthly, and will mostly be in character I think. I don't know, whatever happens happens. Haha, anyway, if you haven't, you should read the rules to the Nuz-unlocked Challenge. Three or four of us will be updating this and everything that happens will be 100% the truth. I have 2 currently grandfathered games (or games that are unaffected by some less meaningful rules such as the opposite gender clause [don't ask]). I am currently the only one with an unlocked game, which is Ruby. Essentially I ended that run with a (SHINY MOTHERNUCKING) Linoone and a Solrock. I thought the run was too easy so I've decided on a few rules for the rest of my runs that I will be doing.

-Samuel/Lynette/Searn's Personal Rules-

1. I may never train past the next gym's highest level pokemon.
           a. If the Elite Four is my next target, then the CHAMPION'S highest level pokemon will be  used for this rule.
2. I may only ever use items if it is OUTSIDE of battle. I may not cure poison unless it is with a move/ability.
3. If a pokemon "survived the poison," then it is considered killed.
4. If my party is wiped, then I lose. Do not pass "Go," do not collect $200.
5. My starter is perma-boxed after I catch my first pokemon. The original "first route" rule is null and void until after I get my first pokemon (which must be the first one I see).
6. If at any point I may not continue the game due to lack of HM users, I lose.
7. Areas with multiple floors do not count as multiple areas. One catch only in each cave.
8. Gift pokemon do not count as my first catch. Pokemon such as Zorua (anything that gains boosted xp and is received for free) will be perma-boxed.
9. I MAY trade with people in game, but only if I have received the trading pokemon as my first catch on any given route.  (I cannot use perma-boxed pokemon as trade material).
10.  No Ubers. (though they still count as my first catch as long as they are an earlier form of it.)
11. NO REPEATS. I know I know, not TRUE nuzlocke. But I've beaten myself up enough earlier with all those rules, so I don't want to get bored with 5 pidgeys in SoulSilver. If I encounter a repeat, it is not considered my first encounter.

I will be running through White 2, and Soulsilver. Perhaps a Diamond/Pearl/Platinum. Anyway, this is probably the first and last time I will be signing off under the "Samuel" name. Searn will be my White 2 game as well as Ruby. I won't be posting anything about my ruby run through except for the graveyard. Well, until next time.


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