Saturday, February 16, 2013

Introduction - Mitternacht der Flügel "Occide"

Or, for a name that is less of a mouthful of German: Flugel (That's pronounced Flew-gell, in my English version). In game, I shall name myself Occide, just to go with a name for gender-bent me.

Hello all, nice to meet you. Welcome to the blog of some crazy seniors who are just exiting high-school and seem to have the best ideas for how to spend their free time. I seem to be the one in the group who gets to laugh at the other two as they have to play through their games with characters in skimpy outfits. Or wait, they may get more enjoyment out of that than I think, especially Sam. Anyways, I'm off-topic. I most likely will not have a regular posting schedule, at all. I will not promise any because I know I won't be able to keep up with it. So, the posts will come when they come, but hopefully they will be filled with enough substance that you guys won't mind too badly. The posts will be formatted like journal entries, as my character marks his journey throughout the various regions. I'll work on giving it a small amount of plot to explain why things are the way they are, so I may have a bit of fun with the whole thing. Another thing I might add in is some drawings here and there, maybe to remember a dead pokemon. Just little things to look forward to really.

I do have my own rules, mainly based off of a book I've been writing, involving the elements and all. These rules may be a bit complicated, but hopefully I can explain them well.

  1. A pokemon may only learn moves of its own type, moves of types that are not very effective against them/do not affect them, or moves that only cause statuses. (Ex: I may teach a Ghost type a normal type move, or a Fighting type a Dark type move. Anyone may learn a move like Stun Spore though.)
    1. Exception: If I have no say over whether that pokemon learns the move or not, then it is okay. Only really takes place in lower levels when pokemon do not have 4 moves yet. I may not delete moves on a pokemon to have them learn a move without my permission though.
    2. Exception: If I have an HM where nobody of the type of the move can learn it, and I need it to advance, then I may teach it to whomever I please.
    3. Exception: Normal type moves that use claws, feet, or the Pokemon's body in general (so only physical type ones). These take no elemental prowess to use, so all pokemon can learn them. 
  2.  I must name pokemon using names from the book or by creating a name that is in the style of names in the book.
  3. Everything will be done blind. Or, at least as blind as it gets. I may have played through most of these games once, but it would have been a while ago, and I am not allowed to look up any information other than information on the pokemon I have caught.
  4. Gift pokemon count as a catch for that area.
  5. No doubles, except if the previous one I had died. Then it technically isn't a double.
  6. If I wipe somewhere that isn't a city (like in the middle of a route or cave), no matter what, I fail. Otherwise, if I have extra pokemon in the PC I may continue on.
  7. Before I get the running shoes, I may NOT run away from wild Pokemon battles. After I get the running shoes, to run away from a wild battle I must roll either a die or use the RNG for numbers between 1 and 9. If I get a number that is divisible by 3, then I may TRY to run away. Otherwise I may not.
    1. No repels.
    2. This roll may only be done once per turn.
That's really it. If I feel like it, I may just add a new rule after every game, until I find it hard enough. I will be doing Heart Gold and Diamond, then maybe Leaf Green, Black, and Black 2. If I get ambitious enough. Of course, I don't even own those last two games. OH WELL.

Well now, I believe I have everything ready and set to go. So let's just dive on in and see what happens.

It's a satchel guys, totally manly.

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