Our Goal

Our ultimate goal is to catch one copy of all 649 pokemon, including all forms of unkown and burmy/wormadam, and all games played to complete this must be "Nuzlocke’d". This will lead to a final, completely blind Nuzlocke through pokemon X and Y, which we will then collect all pokemon there, transfer our others over, and have thus completed this challenge.

Our progress:
In total we will need to Unlock 10 games before X and Y. The following are the games we need to complete, and who is scheduled to complete them. 

Gen 1-
Fire Red/ Leaf Green:

Gen 2-
Heart Gold: Flugel
Soul Silver: Samuel

Gen 3- 
Emerald: Jordan

Gen 4- 
Diamond: Flugel
Platinum: Jordan 

Gen 5 (3 of)-
White 2: Samuel
Black 2:

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