Sunday, February 17, 2013

Jordan "Faye"

Hello everyone, this'll probably be the last intro post for now. Everyone seems to be posting with their possible posting schedule, but with teenagers who knows. We'll all try to update the blog as much as we can, although I think we'll all try to hold ourselves to at least bimonthly, hopefully much more. Anyways, I actually the creator of this challenge, although I have never actually even attempted a regular Nuzlocke challenge, so this'll be interesting for me. I'll be playing through Platinum and then Emerald, and we'll see where things go from there. My rules will be fairly simple and straightforward for now, seeing as it's my first challenge, but after a few gyms I'll see where I'm at an possible update them as I see fit. I'll probably add "no items during battle" if anything. Mostly I'm stealing from the others here, but still...

1. I may not train past the next gym's highest level pokemon. 
2. Gift pokemon do not count as my catch.
3. No repeats, which we should probably add to the main rules at this point seeing as we're all going to use it. 

Fairly simple and straightforward. I hope all of you who happen upon our blog will enjoy reading this just as much as we will writing and playing the games. Seeing as I'm the last to post my intro (I just started last night!), I suppose I'll catch up and start out with my first character entry... 

     Today was quite the adventure! My best friend Jordan came knocking at the door quite early this morning, as energetic as ever, yelling something about how I needed to get out here right now so we could go see the professor in the next town over, Professor Rowan. I quickly gathered my things and rushed out of the house, only pausing to say bye to mom, but even then he had already gone. I searched around for a bit and finally found him back at his house, but by then he was already halfway out the door again. Finally I calmed him down a bit, and we set off for Sandgem. Unfortunately, there was a bunch of tall grass along the path, and there was no way around... but Jordan just tried to run in! Luckily, the professor we were going to see happened to be at the lake that day and stopped him just in time before he could run in and get attacked. And then something amazing happened, he actually just gave us our very own pokemon! I got to pick mine out, a cute little Piplup!
     His name is Pokie! Jordan got a Turtwig, a funny looking thing that looks like it has a tree growing out of its head. We battled, and I ended up winning! It was so much fun, and it was then that I decided to officially become a trainer. Pokie and I have already started training a bit, and it's been so much fun! It's something I've always dreamed of, but I never thought it could actually happen until now! I've already talked to mom, and she's fine with it, she even gave me these cute new shoes as a good luck gift. I'm off to talk to Rowan now, he said he wanted to see me about something for my adventure, so I should be off now. Wish me luck!


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