Sunday, February 24, 2013

Lynette - Diary Entry 1-1 -

Lynette's Diary

Do Not Read


Entry: The First (Prologue)

Heck, I've never written one of these before. Am I missing anything? Ehm, anyway, I guess I'll start with today. Yep, My 21st birthday. So much happened today it's difficult to recall how it all began. I guess it was a fairly normal day, how cliche, huh? I woke up, dragged myself to the shower and really threw on my makeup as methodically as always. I could tell today was going to be different, though. You get that... that feeling. My day had just arrived today. I knew it. Anyway, as I placed the last of my blush delicately on as I normally had, a doorbell resonated through my house. Thank Arceus I had already put on my clothing. I stumbled through the only room in my house on the second floor: my bedroom. I would describe it if I could, I mean, I cannot for the life of me remember the color of the floor. I think it would be quaint if it wasn't littered with all of my stuff. Old clothes that I didn't need anymore, posters of my favorite bands hiding the walls, you know. Teenage stuff. Anyway, I shuffled downstairs as quickly as I could as another bell resonated. "I'M COMING!" my voice sounded hoarse like it did every morning. The rest of my house isn't very impressive, either. Imagine the smallest apartment ever. You know, maybe a 10x10 foot room, and a very small kitchen nearby. That's exactly what the first floor is, just with a bedroom shoved on top. Again, I don't really bother to clean the rooms, I'm a single twenty-- erm-- twenty-ONE year-old-girl who lives alone! What's my motivation? 

The doorbell rang a third time. The door wasn't far from the stairs so I could just reach for it. "You, sir need to just hold your ponytas." I could tell my voice was too low for him to hear, but something made me pray he had heard it. I mean, 3 chimes in 3 minutes is pretty ridiculous. I opened it to a boy -- postman, to be more exact. He seemed to stiffen as the door creaked open. Strangely, I knew this was no regular delivery. Usually, he'd toss the package on my door front and be on his way, but the important deliveries always required some sort of signature or something. Some proof that I had received whatever it was. I wasn't wrong either. It was hard to see if he was nervous; the sun blocked his face, but with a single clear of the throat, he proceeded with an obviously predetermined speech

"Congratulations, Lynette DePouilles, on your submission to the Pokemon League Board of Directors. Your request has been placed into careful evaluation and after these long months, the Board has reviewed many cases similar to yours. We at the Institute of Humane Treatment of Pokemon have also read through your records and feel no other decision than to grant you your request. I have been sent today in order to personally recognize and witness your entrance into the League as this step is one that every trainer must recognize is an important decision and measure to take." 

His voice trailed off into some sort of spiel on the "danger and responsibility" each trainer must recognize and the such. This moment is huge for any young hopeful. It is the passing into adulthood. So why was mine so bitter-sweet? I wasn't exactly anxious to receive recognition, nor was I able to feel very accomplished. In fact, I wasn't ready to take this step yet. Most of it probably had something to do with my father. I just can't talk about him right now. every fiber of my being was nervous: almost terrified. As he continued speaking, my heart sunk even deeper. My eyes welled up. I knew I had no other decision than to leave for my journey, I mean, I was being evicted. The issue always led back to my father though...

Finally, the man stopped talking, and he shot this polite, congratulatory smile at me and handed me two things: first was a small, clean piece of illuminated plastic. That plastic was my license, my lifeline. It allowed me the ability to train, own, and battle pokemon. My very own Trainer Card. I hated that picture on the card, but I suppose everyone does. That didn't catch my eye, however.

In his other hand was a single, familiar orb. That shiny, unmistakable gleam was obviously a Pokeball. A single pokeball. My eyebrows furrowed, but I grabbed the two objects. "Why is there only one?" My confusion voiced itself, though I couldn't remove my eyes from it. Everywhere I had always heard of allowed a choice of three pokemon, usually that trio of elements.

"Actually, I have 5 more for you, but they're all empty... Recently there has been a shortage of pokemon... There have been all these laws to contain the extinction of them. Haven't you heard? Well, one of those laws is that every new trainer is given a predetermined pokemon to begin with. One that will easily be controlled."

Actually, I HAD heard of the shortage. The main, most controversial law was the one about how every trainer could only catch or kill a single pokemon on each route. Cameras watched across the entire world, constantly monitoring the trainers' every movements. The only place that was safe was where you lived, but I no longer had that luxury. I thanked the man and he went on his way. My heart skipped a beat as I released my very first pokemon from its ball. A flash of light blinded me...

(The Entry Continues on the next page.) 

Monday, February 18, 2013

Entry 1 - Occide

                It's my 18th birthday. My 18th birthday, and my mom decides to give me a freaking journal. Oh well, I guess I can use it to write down things I need to remember. Like whatever may happen on my journey, which begins today. Being 18 means that I get my first Pokemon and am set off into the world. Or at least what's left of it in this new hellish landscape. It was eight years ago when everything changed.
                I had just turned ten, and was of course overjoyed to be finally getting my own Pokemon. My parents had always told me about their own adventures. How they had both gotten to the elite four, then after several failed attempts at beating them, they ran into each other and soon decided to settle down, happy to have gotten as far as they did. I grew up alongside their Pokemon and became all too excited for the day I would get my own, and when it finally came I couldn't help but be outside of Professor Elm's front door at 5 AM. The Professor had answered my frantic knocking with a huge smile upon his face, and he ruffled my hair as I ran into the white lab to try and get at my prize even faster. That's when Elm's PokeGear began ringing with the fearful voices of the entire region. Their Pokemon had fainted in a battle, but now weren't getting up. Not even the nurses could do anything to help, as the Pokemon were showing no vital signs at all.
                 At first, the retrieval of my own Pokemon was delayed by hours, as Professor Elm answered all of the calls, and set straight to work to try and figure this whole thing out. Hours became days, and days became months before everyone figured out that this was a new, and permanent, thing. Something had gotten into the DNA of every Pokemon, changing it so that their moves became more lethal, inflicting killing blows instead of just knocking out the other Pokemon. Gyms were then shut down, researchers were sent around the regions to find out more about this whole thing,  and everyone was advised to find a place in a nearby town and stay there. My dreams were hashed apart as I was then told I would never get a Pokemon of my own. For my own good, of course.
                A year passed before the second tragedy hit. I was in Professor Elm's lab, staring at the pokeballs which had just gathered dust, forgotten since the day they were set out for me to choose between. The lab exploded into a frenzy as the calls came in about the researcher's pokeballs malfunctioning. They were attempting to catch new pokemon when the ball would zap them and the Pokemon, killing it. More research into this led to the conclusion that now only one pokemon may be caught per forested area, and it could only be the first Pokemon that was stumbled upon in that area. Even if an egg hatched, or people traded Pokemon in an area, it would be counted as the catch. There was an anomaly however,  where if the first Pokemon found was the same species as one the finder already owned, the pokeballs would allow them to continue looking until they found a pokemon they didn't own. When some researchers tried to come back from far off regions, they also found that their pokeballs would basically suicide, killing all Pokemon within.
                Everyone began to believe that someone must be behind this whole thing, and so it was decided that once more old trainers should resume their careers and new trainers should be sent out into the world, all for one purpose. To find out who was doing all of this, and then stop them. The age limit for new trainers was increased however, so that they were more mature and could make better decisions when other's lives were in their hands. Now it's my turn to be thrown out into the world with a new partner, as everyone hopes that maybe I'm the one who will end this madness. Yet they all know it is way more likely that I will just end up another casualty in this war. Maybe that's why my mom gave me this journal. So that if I do end up disappearing or dying out there, a bit of my own tale can live on.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Jordan "Faye"

Hello everyone, this'll probably be the last intro post for now. Everyone seems to be posting with their possible posting schedule, but with teenagers who knows. We'll all try to update the blog as much as we can, although I think we'll all try to hold ourselves to at least bimonthly, hopefully much more. Anyways, I actually the creator of this challenge, although I have never actually even attempted a regular Nuzlocke challenge, so this'll be interesting for me. I'll be playing through Platinum and then Emerald, and we'll see where things go from there. My rules will be fairly simple and straightforward for now, seeing as it's my first challenge, but after a few gyms I'll see where I'm at an possible update them as I see fit. I'll probably add "no items during battle" if anything. Mostly I'm stealing from the others here, but still...

1. I may not train past the next gym's highest level pokemon. 
2. Gift pokemon do not count as my catch.
3. No repeats, which we should probably add to the main rules at this point seeing as we're all going to use it. 

Fairly simple and straightforward. I hope all of you who happen upon our blog will enjoy reading this just as much as we will writing and playing the games. Seeing as I'm the last to post my intro (I just started last night!), I suppose I'll catch up and start out with my first character entry... 

     Today was quite the adventure! My best friend Jordan came knocking at the door quite early this morning, as energetic as ever, yelling something about how I needed to get out here right now so we could go see the professor in the next town over, Professor Rowan. I quickly gathered my things and rushed out of the house, only pausing to say bye to mom, but even then he had already gone. I searched around for a bit and finally found him back at his house, but by then he was already halfway out the door again. Finally I calmed him down a bit, and we set off for Sandgem. Unfortunately, there was a bunch of tall grass along the path, and there was no way around... but Jordan just tried to run in! Luckily, the professor we were going to see happened to be at the lake that day and stopped him just in time before he could run in and get attacked. And then something amazing happened, he actually just gave us our very own pokemon! I got to pick mine out, a cute little Piplup!
     His name is Pokie! Jordan got a Turtwig, a funny looking thing that looks like it has a tree growing out of its head. We battled, and I ended up winning! It was so much fun, and it was then that I decided to officially become a trainer. Pokie and I have already started training a bit, and it's been so much fun! It's something I've always dreamed of, but I never thought it could actually happen until now! I've already talked to mom, and she's fine with it, she even gave me these cute new shoes as a good luck gift. I'm off to talk to Rowan now, he said he wanted to see me about something for my adventure, so I should be off now. Wish me luck!


Saturday, February 16, 2013

Introduction - Mitternacht der Flügel "Occide"

Or, for a name that is less of a mouthful of German: Flugel (That's pronounced Flew-gell, in my English version). In game, I shall name myself Occide, just to go with a name for gender-bent me.

Hello all, nice to meet you. Welcome to the blog of some crazy seniors who are just exiting high-school and seem to have the best ideas for how to spend their free time. I seem to be the one in the group who gets to laugh at the other two as they have to play through their games with characters in skimpy outfits. Or wait, they may get more enjoyment out of that than I think, especially Sam. Anyways, I'm off-topic. I most likely will not have a regular posting schedule, at all. I will not promise any because I know I won't be able to keep up with it. So, the posts will come when they come, but hopefully they will be filled with enough substance that you guys won't mind too badly. The posts will be formatted like journal entries, as my character marks his journey throughout the various regions. I'll work on giving it a small amount of plot to explain why things are the way they are, so I may have a bit of fun with the whole thing. Another thing I might add in is some drawings here and there, maybe to remember a dead pokemon. Just little things to look forward to really.

I do have my own rules, mainly based off of a book I've been writing, involving the elements and all. These rules may be a bit complicated, but hopefully I can explain them well.

  1. A pokemon may only learn moves of its own type, moves of types that are not very effective against them/do not affect them, or moves that only cause statuses. (Ex: I may teach a Ghost type a normal type move, or a Fighting type a Dark type move. Anyone may learn a move like Stun Spore though.)
    1. Exception: If I have no say over whether that pokemon learns the move or not, then it is okay. Only really takes place in lower levels when pokemon do not have 4 moves yet. I may not delete moves on a pokemon to have them learn a move without my permission though.
    2. Exception: If I have an HM where nobody of the type of the move can learn it, and I need it to advance, then I may teach it to whomever I please.
    3. Exception: Normal type moves that use claws, feet, or the Pokemon's body in general (so only physical type ones). These take no elemental prowess to use, so all pokemon can learn them. 
  2.  I must name pokemon using names from the book or by creating a name that is in the style of names in the book.
  3. Everything will be done blind. Or, at least as blind as it gets. I may have played through most of these games once, but it would have been a while ago, and I am not allowed to look up any information other than information on the pokemon I have caught.
  4. Gift pokemon count as a catch for that area.
  5. No doubles, except if the previous one I had died. Then it technically isn't a double.
  6. If I wipe somewhere that isn't a city (like in the middle of a route or cave), no matter what, I fail. Otherwise, if I have extra pokemon in the PC I may continue on.
  7. Before I get the running shoes, I may NOT run away from wild Pokemon battles. After I get the running shoes, to run away from a wild battle I must roll either a die or use the RNG for numbers between 1 and 9. If I get a number that is divisible by 3, then I may TRY to run away. Otherwise I may not.
    1. No repels.
    2. This roll may only be done once per turn.
That's really it. If I feel like it, I may just add a new rule after every game, until I find it hard enough. I will be doing Heart Gold and Diamond, then maybe Leaf Green, Black, and Black 2. If I get ambitious enough. Of course, I don't even own those last two games. OH WELL.

Well now, I believe I have everything ready and set to go. So let's just dive on in and see what happens.

It's a satchel guys, totally manly.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Introduction of the Awesomeness

-Sam "Searn" "Lynette"-

Hey, all, so I guess this will be the first blog post on here. Anyway, as you might have been able to tell, this will be the first introductory post. Most of my posts/updates will happen either weekly or bimonthly, and will mostly be in character I think. I don't know, whatever happens happens. Haha, anyway, if you haven't, you should read the rules to the Nuz-unlocked Challenge. Three or four of us will be updating this and everything that happens will be 100% the truth. I have 2 currently grandfathered games (or games that are unaffected by some less meaningful rules such as the opposite gender clause [don't ask]). I am currently the only one with an unlocked game, which is Ruby. Essentially I ended that run with a (SHINY MOTHERNUCKING) Linoone and a Solrock. I thought the run was too easy so I've decided on a few rules for the rest of my runs that I will be doing.

-Samuel/Lynette/Searn's Personal Rules-

1. I may never train past the next gym's highest level pokemon.
           a. If the Elite Four is my next target, then the CHAMPION'S highest level pokemon will be  used for this rule.
2. I may only ever use items if it is OUTSIDE of battle. I may not cure poison unless it is with a move/ability.
3. If a pokemon "survived the poison," then it is considered killed.
4. If my party is wiped, then I lose. Do not pass "Go," do not collect $200.
5. My starter is perma-boxed after I catch my first pokemon. The original "first route" rule is null and void until after I get my first pokemon (which must be the first one I see).
6. If at any point I may not continue the game due to lack of HM users, I lose.
7. Areas with multiple floors do not count as multiple areas. One catch only in each cave.
8. Gift pokemon do not count as my first catch. Pokemon such as Zorua (anything that gains boosted xp and is received for free) will be perma-boxed.
9. I MAY trade with people in game, but only if I have received the trading pokemon as my first catch on any given route.  (I cannot use perma-boxed pokemon as trade material).
10.  No Ubers. (though they still count as my first catch as long as they are an earlier form of it.)
11. NO REPEATS. I know I know, not TRUE nuzlocke. But I've beaten myself up enough earlier with all those rules, so I don't want to get bored with 5 pidgeys in SoulSilver. If I encounter a repeat, it is not considered my first encounter.

I will be running through White 2, and Soulsilver. Perhaps a Diamond/Pearl/Platinum. Anyway, this is probably the first and last time I will be signing off under the "Samuel" name. Searn will be my White 2 game as well as Ruby. I won't be posting anything about my ruby run through except for the graveyard. Well, until next time.